August - September 2012

Planetary Brewing Co. receives permit approval from the State of Indiana and the TTB to commence in the production Planetary Ales.

March 2013

Planetary Brewing Co. is officially launched, and its ascension continues to this very day.

January 2012

Planetary Brewing Company Inc. obtains the proper paperwork to become a recognized corporation by the State of Indiana.

March 2012

The future launch site for Planetary Brewing Co. is determined, and preparations begin in readying the location for future endeavors.



the system

Planetary Brewing Company started in the coordinates 39° 35' N / 86° 5' W.  In its infancy it was merely a daydream experienced while learning the craft of brewing in the crudest sense possible.  From those early experimentations came a fascination with the process, and an obsession with continuing in education.  After years of honing his skills, owner/brewer Andrew Groves decided it was time to take the next step.  He was able to recruit the services of Doug Goins, who brings a decade+ of experience in the sale and distribution of craft beer.

Together they have built the foundation of what is now Planetary Brewing Co.  With key additions lined up in the coming year, the company is well on its way to achieving its goals, both short and long term.


About Planetary Brewing Co.